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GMST 350 S2016

GMST 350 S2016 Midterm Exam Distributed: March 13, 2016 Due back: March 21, 2016 (by e-mail)   Please double-space and use a 12-pt font. This exam does not require research of secondary sources, you do not need to cite lectures, but please reference paraphrases or citations from the textbook. Please make sure to stick to the required length. Answers that are significantly longer than the required length will not be considered.   Short-Answer Questions (50 points) Please answer five of these questions in max. 1 page responses.  

  1. Identify one feature of fascist aesthetics in the film Wiener Blut and discuss briefly.
  2. Define Heimat film and explain one link to film during the Nazi period.
  3. To what can one argue that Die Mörder sind unter uns anticipates the narrative model of a socialist realist film?
  4. Identify one expressionist reference in Die Mörder sind unter uns and explain [A] the expressionism as a feature of the cinematography of Trümmerfilm and [B] the relevance of expressionism in the cultural historical context of the Zero Hour
  5. Why is it important that the setting for Spur der Steine is a construction site? What does this have to do with the cinematic construction of a GDR foundation mythology?
  6. Identify and explain the influence of Hollywood film in Spur der Steine.
  7. Comparing Spur der Steine and Die Legende von Paul und Paula, identify one significant change in the representation of gender and explain with reference to the changed cultural/political landscape in the GDR.
  8. Explain the significant of architecture in Die Legende von Paul und Paula
  Page-Length Questions (60 points) Please answer three of these questions in responses of max. 2 pages.  
  1. Discuss the significance of the rubble landscape in Die Mörder sind unter uns. What does it have to do with coming to terms with the Nazi past? To what extent is it a visual representation of the characters’ inner psyche?
  2. Discuss the representation of gender in Spur der Steine.
  3. Discuss the socialist realist features of Spur der Steine.
  4. To what extent does Die Legende von Paul und Paula thematize the disenchantment of the younger generation with GDR society and ideology. How is that expressed in the film?

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