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GERIATRIC ASSESSMENT PROJECT Assignment: 1. Interview and perform a thorough physical assessment on an elderly person 65 year old or over, including all body systems. 2. Perform the following five assessments thoroughly, and attach them to your paper. for the assessment sheets: a. Braden scale. b. Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE). c. KATZ Index of Independence in ADL. d. Fall risk assessment. e. Elder Mistreatment Assessment. **Please submit the five assessment sheets directly to your lecture faculty by 12/19/14 at 4:00 pm 3. Discuss a minimum of three normal and any abnormal aging changes that were identified during the assessment of the client. 4. Discuss a minimum of four or more problem areas that you identified during the assessment. 5. Identify and discuss one short term and one long term goal for each problem that you identified for the client. 6. Identify four implementations for each problem with the rationale for the nursing actions. Include health teaching to address all of the client’s problems. 7. The paper is to be a minimum of 4 pages in length, double spaced, using 12 Times New Roman font and documented according to the American Psychological (APA format, 6th Edition). This does not include the cover page, and reference page. There should be a minimum of six (6) references with no more than two (2) internet resources (from reputable sources). Utilize Standard English: spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and organization. 8. Submit final paper through safe assign on Blackboard. 9. Your grade will be reflected on SONIS web.]]>

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