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Gawande, “When Doctors Make Mistakes” (590-608);

Gawande, “When Doctors Make Mistakes” (590-608); Write a critique on one of the following essays found in The Norton Reader: Pinker, “The Moral Instinct” (552-568); Rauch, “In Defense of Prejudice” (569-577); Reading: Singer, “What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You?” (578-589); Gawande, “When Doctors Make Mistakes” (590-608); Regan: “The Case for Animal Rights” (608-618). — Write a seven or eight-paragraph essay following the format below (1-5). — In your response section, use five sources from Academic Search Complete database (found through the Oboler Library website homepage). Do not use online Google searches. Paraphrase all five sources in your essay and also add short quotations. — Use MLA documentation (in-text citations and Works Cited page) – and be sure to list the essay that you are using as one of your sources. That is, you will have a total of six sources listed on the Works Cited page.]]>

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