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Funding Proposal

Funding Proposal Word count (no more than 1000 words excluding title and reference list): Lions Clubs One of the goals of Lions is “to fund and otherwise serve the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community”. To this end the Lions Clubs have made funds available for psychology research. Lions clubs will consult with scientific assessors in order to select the best applicants, but the Members of your local Lions Club will also review the applications and select those that most clearly articulate their value to the community, either immediately or through translation at some time in the future. The following research proposal is on the attached Research paper – Boyes and French (2010) Lay title The lay title is one that might be used to publicise your project, for example in a press release – it should have appeal to the general reader and should not use any specialist jargon. Imagine that it is announced at a Lions Club meeting – would the members understand it? Rationale In the rationale you must outline the reasoning behind your particular project – the idea didn’t pop out of thin air, so what was known beforehand that leads you to think that this is a reasonable project? This section should include a statement of the problem to be solved and a brief review of key research findings in the area, but it is not a general literature review of the topic. To comply with University rules regarding academic integrity you will be expected to use APA citation and referencing within this assignment, most of which will fall into this section. Aims and Hypotheses Aims and hypotheses follow naturally from the previous section. You may use a numbered list or bullet points within this section. Methods In the methods section you should describe briefly how the research will be carried out. Use the future tense, even if the research has already been carried out. If you are proposing your own research, it is very early in semester so you may not have all of the details nailed down yet, but that’s OK – you might say something like “a valid and reliable screening instrument will be used to measure depression” rather than “depression will be measured using the Beck Depression Inventory”. We are looking here for evidence that you have thought about the issues and can identify the key characteristics of the participants/measures/procedures involved and can express them in plain English. The inclusion of statistical methods is optional, but if you do include them they must be described in a way that is intelligible for a non-psychologist. Why should your research be funded? Every funding application has at least one section in which the proposer explains why the research should be funded. Such sections are sometimes grandly titled “Benefits to Humanity”. You need to explain how your research will translate into the real world to make a difference. This is where you pitch your project – why is it important? How will the knowledge gained be used to build further research, and how might it eventually change practice or improve lives? Here is a chance to start your project with a clear idea of why it is worth doing. This summary should be written so that it could be understood by a non-psychologist. You should write in a way that you think would make your project understandable for a range of readers. Assignment 1 is related to your research project in that we ask you to write a proposal to have your research project funded by the local Lions Club. Members of Lions Clubs include secretaries, builders, nurses, office workers, salespeople, accountants, real estate agents, fire fighters, police officers, carers, travel agents, and teachers. Please refer to the attached marking rubric as a guide to this proposal.]]>

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