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FITNESS- PERSONAL TRAINER Custom Essay 1-Explain the different physiological responses the body has to aerobic training vs anaerobic training. What adaptations must the body undergo if either of the training protocols are performed exclusively for over a year? 2-Define periodization and its components. Provide a brief explanation for how periodization could benefit each of the following clients specifically: College soccer player, 35 year old sedentary adult wanting to “tone”, long distance runner. Is periodization beneficial for everyone? Why or why not? the essays needs to be a minimum of 250 words each but most importantly include your personal insights into exactly how your answer applies to that which you will be doing as a future professional trainer. I WANT THE QUESTIONS ASNWER SEPARATE 250 OR MORE WORDS EACH THAT’S WHY I CHOOSE TWO PAGES. IT IS FOR A TEST SO GIVE AS MUCH DETAILS AS YOU CAN AND AS THEY ASK PLEASE AND THANKS.]]>

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