My First Visit to a Strip club REACTION PAPER: Each student is required to participate in 2 learning activities outside class this semester and then write 2 reaction papers summarizing what you did and learned. The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn something about yourself, your relationships and/or any topic related to human sexuality and sexual health. Due dates are listed in class outline. Papers need to be turned-in during class. Papers may NOT be left in my mailbox or emailed. You may turn papers in early if you’re going to be absent the date it’s due. You may have someone bring your paper in for you if you are not able to attend class. You may not use class speakers, class activities//AV, or required reading for your reaction papers. Your learning activities need to take place this semester. You may not write about past interesting sexual experiences. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR REACTION PAPER: 1. All papers should be properly identified with your name and class, and whether it’s Reaction Paper #1, Reaction Paper #2, or Extra Credit Papers. 2. Clearly identify what you did and what it was about. List reference. Include your reasons for choosing this activity or topic. For example: a. Title of article, author, source, date. b. Title of TV program/documentary, channel, date. c. List place you visited d. State your project (interview, challenge, etc.) 3. List 5 statements of information or facts you learned (things you learned about topic, person, yourself, etc). Please number your statements and make sure they are clearly visible. Do not imbed them in paragraphs. 4. Summarize your reactions, feelings and opinions regarding your learning activity. This should be the main part of your paper. I want to know what you got out of the activity and why you responded the way you did. How does this relate to your life?]]>

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