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Fire Science:Firefighter Code of Ethics

Fire Science:Firefighter Code of Ethics Review the Firefighter Code of Ethics. You are the Fire Chief of your local volunteer fire department. After several incidents in the past few months of unethical behavior exhibited by some of your personnel, you have decided it is time to incorporate an ethics policy into your department guidelines. You will use the Firefighter Code of Ethics as a guide to write your policy. You do not want to simply copy the Firefighter Code of Ethics but you want to create a document that outlines your expectations for the five most serious issues you observe as a Fire Chief. Write a 750–1,000 word paper that presents the reasons for the policy, as well as the policy itself. Include the following in your paper:Create a cover sheet to outline the purpose of the new policy and how you the policy will cover behavior and actions on-duty as well as off-duty. Identify and write a policy for the five most serious ethical issues that face your department and its personne]]>

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