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FAKE FOCUS GROUP: taxi drivers health

FAKE FOCUS GROUP: taxi drivers health THIS WORK IS JUST MAKING A FAKE FOCUS GROUP FROM A 9 MINUTES AUDIO FILE SEE ATTACHMENTS AND WORK ON THE WORD DOCOMENT. Instructions: 1. The audio file contains under 10 minutes of focus group (where it supposed to be two of 90 minutes group chat) chat about taxi drivers health issues asking the actual taxi drivers on the 7 questions bellow. Ignore the first question on the audio file where it ask about (if you had a limitless budget where would you go?) 2.See the tables bellow based on the idea of the audio file expand (FAKE IT) there thoughts on each questions and write 150 words for group one and another 150 words for group two in each questions so the total word counts in each questions in 300 and there are 7 questions. In total should be around 2000 to 2100. 3.The whole idea of this is that I didn’t do a focus group and I want to fake it, for the sake of this assignment.]]>

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