An exploration of strategic risk management in the Chinese private banking sector Custom Essay MY AIMS & OBJECTIVES The aim of this dissertation is to gain an understanding of the use of SRM in the Chinese private banking sector as an effective tool for managing risk. The findings may put forwards risk management strategy to potential risks, and promote the China’s private banking business develops healthily and orderly on the premise of improving commercial banks to effective control financial risks. To determine this, the objectives being as follows:1. To analyse the current status of China’s private banking business development and problems, and understand the major risk when commercial banks develop private banking business.2. To explore the risk management practices in the private banking sector in China. 3.To identify evidence for the use of strategic risk management by China’s private banking sector 4. To conduct a case study of Minsheng Bank, reviewing the operations of its private banking business and product service system, and considering possible constraints from China financial market.]]>

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