Epidemiology, statistics, and study design Custom Essay Instructions Construct a 1-minute narrated Power Point (ppt) bulleting the epidemiological pearls of an assigned scientific reading. This will assess identifying core concepts in a scientific reading linked to core module concepts. Read the following scientific paper Fosbol et al. NSAIDS paper: Please see attached. Post a one-minute ppt slide (plus or minus 15 seconds) with five epidemiological pearls from the paper. Bullet pertinent information regarding: Study design Population Findings Strength/Weaknesses Books Kindle Cloud Reader Online Epidemiology odalysarc@aol.com Password: Ocean1234 Brytewave Username: odalysarc Password: Ocean1234 https://reader.brytewave.com/app/#?credential=8T7VJA1Q Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice]]>

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