Environmental logbook

Required to compile a portfolio of articles covering current environmental issues that relate either directly or indirectly to tourism and hospitality. A critical analysis of how the issues contained in the article affect environmental management in hotels/attractions should accompany each article. Your analysis should not simply be a summary of the article, but an informed discussion of the issues raised and their importance to environmental management in hotels and attractions, using academic research to support your arguments.
Each article analysis should be between a half and a full typed page. Six articles are required and they should be no more than two years old (i.e. published within the last 2 years). A variety of media sources should be used and may include (but not be limited to) newspapers, magazines, trade journals, academic journals, brochures, newsletters, press releases and bulletins. Articles should cover a minimum of three different topic areas from the following list:
• water management
• waste management
• energy management
• the indoor environment
• building and construction management
• sustainable food systems
• sustainability of operations
• environmental management systems
• environmental legislation
• national park management.

Note: At least one article in each of the three topic areas should be an academic article. The portfolio should be presented in the following manner:
• an assignment cover page
• heading page for each of the three topics chosen
• actual copies of the articles pasted into the portfolio, sorted into the three different topics (if the article is more than one page in length, only the front page is required in order to save paper)
• The portfolio can be submitted entirely electronically, it doesn’t have to be a paper-based assignment
• a typed/word-processed analysis pasted onto the adjoining page to the article. This analysis/discussion should include references to the academic literature.

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