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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues nalyze the different agencies and levels of disaster management in the US Final Project should be at least 15 double-spaced APA-formatted and reference pages long excluding title page and references. Final Project submission to Turn It In is automatic through Week 8 Assignments. You do not need Turn It In Class ID or Password. You do not have to submit a formal course Final Project proposal for approval. Course readings pertinent to your chosen topic must be APA-referenced/cited in the body of your Final Project and listed under References in addition to your topic-pertinent literature. A sample list of peer-reviewed resources pertinent to EDMG include (all available through APUS Library): The Journal of Emergency Management Disaster Recovery Journal Journal of Crises and Contingencies Journal of Applied Security Research Risk Management Public Administration Review CRC Press Homeland Security Library Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning European Journal of Operational Research Cambridge Review of International Affairs Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management Annual Review of Political Science Public Works Management and Policy Australian Journal of Emergency Management Business Continuity and Resiliency Journal International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management Journal of Business Logistics International Journal of Management Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Journal of Traumatic Stress Military Medicine Psychiatric Services Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Journal of American College Health World Institute For Disaster Risk Management Proceedings Urban Affairs Review Environmental Hazard American Behavioral Scientist Expert Systems with Applications Civil Engineering Dimension Information Management Journal of Policy History Communications of the ACM Journal of Nursing Scholarship Journal of Chemical Health & Safety Final Project must include all the sections listed in the Course Final Project Content and Format templat]]>

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