Enterpreneruship: create a unique healthcare Eco city in Abu Dhabi City Custom Essay Our business project is to create a unique healthcare Eco city in Abu Dhabi City. Recently UAE government declared 2015 as the “Year of Innovation” and announced a new National Innovation Strategy with the aim of being one of the World’s Most Innovative Countries in the next 7 years. The United Arab Emirates has emerged as an ultimate destination for Healthcare Services and it is expected that this sector will grow rapidly in the coming years with advanced medical technologies being introduced to the Middle East region. The future for Healthcare flourishes at Sheikh Khalifa Medical Eco City in Abu Dhabi. The Ecocity is a world class model in sync with nature & ecosystems. It strives to impart the next generation of healthcare services, with focus on holistic healing, environmental sustainability and disease prevention. Within thw Eco City’s lies the Eco Garden. The Eco Garden will be an efficient green design in operation with an open space under transparent roofs flooded with natural light in a climate controlled environment throughout the year. The Eco Garden is an inspiring destination for the visitors to explore a unique experience, sense the flourishing flora & fauna from the tropical rainforests and dry tropics. The state of the art Eco Garden will encompass a Japanese vertical greenhouse to produce selected organic vegetables along with shops, restaurants and cafes serving healthy organic food. The Eco Garden will be linked to all hospital areas by exquisite natural and spectacular landscapes with splendid walkways, blending indoor ambience and outdoor environments facilitating a harmonious atmosphere for soothing and composed meditation for patients to experience the richness of natural healing. The facility will incorporate environmental friendly and energy efficient design elements along with sustainable holistic approach of a hospital complex par clinical excellence, with a clear orientation of introducing a new era in healthcare services, integrating the nature with advanced medical practices, yet retaining the privacy and comfort of the visitors. With striking and timeless architecture, the Eco city features an iconic 5 star hotel overlooking the lush green Eco Garden to enhance the rejuvenating experience for the visitors along with comprehensive patient care. Thus, bringing a new and impeccable dimension to Healthcare. Break The outstanding world class facility reflects the future of Healthcare and sets the standard for a modern healing environment offering seamless care for a lifetime trusting relationship The ‘Community Education Pavilion’ with cutting edge technologically driven health education center will focus on healthy living, cooking, environmental protection and gardening for a sustainable future. The Eco city will promote healthy lifestyle and boost health tourism in the emirates of Abu Dhabi.]]>

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