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The electricity price increase in Germany

The electricity price increase in Germany Executive Summary (not included in word count) Introduction Summarise the proposal and introduce what is being analysed State Question and Objectives State Hypothesis to be tested in section 2.0 Quantitative Analysis Present general findings of questionnaire and/or secondary quantitative data Analyse data using/applying theory Analyse data, for hypothesis using statistical tool e.g. Chi Square or t-test Don’t forget the seven steps Qualitative Analysis Present general findings Use/apply theory/framework to analyse the data Data is qualitative, primary or secondary and we expect quotes to be used Conclusion What are your findings? Where the objectives met and if so what has been learnt. 5.0 References (not included in word count) 6.0 Appendix (not included in word count) Should include a blank version of the questionnaire(if it possible.) I will upload a plan of this report. That is a suggestion of this report. You can write somethings more that didn’t include in this plan. And it should write some form of date in it.]]>

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