The effect of leaders on public health care services in Saudi Nursing Essay I am doing master in health and management… pls look at the outline attached and pay attention to my tutor comments and amend upon, pls pay attention to the module handbook and to the marking criteria and the way the project should be done… I attached the lectures of the module to look at and also there are several text books as reference in the lectures and in the handbook. the methodology section includes primary data where I have to interview followers (GPs) friend of mine working in Saudi and ask them to assess their leader against likert scale or similar as written by the tutor in the outline criteria as written in the outline, and also includes secondary research where I have to look at literatures and do critical analysis.. my tutor emphasizes that I use at least six academic references in each page of the project and also use literatures from Saudi or middle east and from western world to support the project.]]>

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