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EASC3345 – APPLIED ENGINEERING STATISTICS PITCH ASSIGNMENT_1 his assignment is designed to improve your understanding of descriptive statistics concepts, data organization and visualization, the normal probability model, and normality test. The assignment problem is intended to help you learn to compute and interpret basic descriptive statistics; to construct and interpret visual data displays; and to compute and interpret probabilities from a normal probability distribution.   Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your assignment in a technical memo format prepared in word processing software. (Hard-written assignments will not be accepted)
  • Please specify clearly any assumptions that you make.
  • Prepare all visual data displays included in your submission in Minitab.
  • Submit your assignment on Blackboard by the assignment due date.
    YOUR ASSIGNMENT: ZMD is an aerospace company manufacturing commercial aircrafts. ZMD’s Aircraft_Series_900 design specifications calls for a certain bolt, Bolt_A, with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 17.4kN. In addition, ZMD’s Quality and Manufacturing department requires all supplier parts conform to 99 percent performance level with respect to part specifications.   You are a design engineer at ZMD. Your manager, Lauren Hull, has sent you the memo below. Ms. Hull has to respond to the Purchasing Department by the end of the working day.  She will make a recommendation on behalf of the design department based on your report. In your report, you will address the following:
  • Test the data set (provided in Assignment 1_Data.xlsx on Blackboard course page) for conformance to a normal probability model, and report on your results.
  1. Compute descriptive statistics.
  2. Construct a histogram, and a probability plot.
  3. Draw a conclusion using results of (a) and (b).
  • Report on the probability that a selected bolt will not conform to the specifications.
  • Finally, report the level of process variation The Best Bolt Company should hold so that 99 percent of the bolts meet the strength specification.
          February 17, 2014   TO:          ZMD – Design Engineer FROM:    ZMD – Lauren Hull, Design Engineering Manager RE:          Bolt A for ZMD_Aircraft_Series_900       Request for Testing NutsandBolts Co., our Bolt_A supplier for Aircraft_Series_900, is experiencing frequent production shutdowns due to an internal problem. Our purchasing department must find another Bolt_A supplier to prevent any impact on our production due to delayed Bolt_A deliveries from NutsandBolts Co. The Best Bolts Company is one of the potential suppliers.   The Purchasing Department has to secure the Design Engineering Department’s approval before proceeding to a part purchase agreement with the Best Bolts Company.   You must warrant whether the Best Bolts Company parts are acceptable for use in our Aircraft_Series_900 production. The purchasing department has 124 Bolt_A samples from the Best Bolts Company, available for you to test their ultimate tensile strength.   Submit a report on your findings no later than 3:00pm, on February 18, 2014.]]>

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