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Dynamic Seal (C) Joseph R.Carter andThomas E.Vollmann

Rework costs are especially difficult to measure. I schedule the rework so as to not disrupt my daily production. Besides, much of the rework is done by the original operator before the part gets to inspection. For example, if the operator sees that some of the parts he free produced are defected, he will immediately rework them before releasing the lot to the next operation. In the long run, it saves us time and a good deal of paperwork. Dynamic Seal (C) DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. What are the major steps Gordon Jenkins proposed for implementing SPC in his February 28, 1984 meeting? 2. Summarize the remarks made by Kevin Lynch, Scott Palmer, Roger Towne, Alan Schneider, and Jack Barry during the meeting. 3. Figures 1-3 and Tables 1-5 show various important information about United Aircraft Cell. How would you approach SPC implementation? 4. Do you have any suggestions or additions to the list that Gordon had prepared at the end of the February 28th meeting? Discuss them in detail. Dynamic Seal (C) Dynamic Seal (C) Dynamic Seal (C) Dynamic Seal (C) Dynamic Seal (C) Dynamic Seal (C) Dynamic Seal (C)]]>

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