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Depression: My patient B.V.

Depression: My patient B.V. My patient B.V. was admitted to the mental health clinic for depression and suicidal ideation. B.V. has a history of depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD. She states that she has had 4 previous attempts of suicide in a 20-30 year span. Earlier this month, her ex-husband had passed (on her birthday). She has adult children with her ex-husband, which she feels have had a closer relationship with her ex-husbands girlfriend rather than with her. She admits she has feelings of abandonment. She states he is hearing “a voice” telling her to take pills and just “get it over with”. She reports that the voice is a deep male voice and she believes it is her father. B.V. states that she has not been taking her medications (quetiapine) as prescribed. She was prescribed to take 700mg daily and has only been taking 400mg daily. She is cooperative with care at this time. Participates in group and is able to set realistic goals. Her careplan includes adjusting her medications, continuing group therapy, and monitor suicidal ideation. *Will attach outline for paper requirements.]]>

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