Criminal Justice

1. Define your topic clearly so all other reviewers will know exactly what you are studying and what the “problem or focus” of the study is.
2. Define the variables you will be using and measuring: define them exactly so all other reviewers will know exactly what you mean when you label a variable and then use it in your study.
3. Review the relevant literature and cite it appropriately: this is called a “review of literature”.
4. Explain exactly how your will gather your date (even though this will be hypothetical data”:
5. If you plan on using a questionnaire design one and show the variables and questions you intend to use. (remember you are not actually going and administer this questionnaire)
6. Include a copy of the questionnaire.
7. If you are going to use secondary data show copies of this/these resources and cite their references.
8. If you are really creative and use another method to gather data describe in detail how you will gather this data and define the level of the data (i.e. nominal, ordinal, etc.)
9. Explain which statistical methods (or software) you will use to analyze your gathered or acquired data.
10. Present a hypothetical or expected outcome of your data analysis.

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