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criminal justice future challenges

criminal justice future challenges he criminal justice system is an ever-changing world of social stewardship and public order. While its overall goal of justice remains, its day to day operations are impacted by a multitude of forces including policy, discretion, and public opinion to name a few. As a result, the criminal justice system has witnessed trends, celebrated milestones, and overcome many of the challenges set before it. However, many challenges still remain. Research Topic: 1. Identify the biggest challenge facing the criminal justice system in the future. 2. Explain the impact of this challenge as it relates to the three components of the criminal justice system. 3. Locate six scholarly works to justify your position. 4 . Should have a separate bibliography page other than the six pages of research 5. research should have a minimum of 1500 words so 6 pages will be great Must list all 6 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or sources. Cite using APA format; include title on reference page (see APA resource guide on Writing Lab website; SEMO’s search engines provide citations – be sure to recheck their accuracy to ensure proper capitalization and structure). Articles generally include: author, published date, article title, journal title, volume, issue, page numbers, & DOI (when applicable). Books generally use: Author, published year, book title, location & publisher.]]>

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