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Create two timelines.

Create two timelines. One that shows the trends in education that have changed within the last 50 years 2. One that projects future trends from today to 2040. *Include the following in their respective timelines: *How have educational trends changed in the last 50 years? *What new trends can you identify in education? *How can they be applied in nursing education? *What trends do you see in the future? *What trends do you see today that you don’t expect to see in the year 2040? *What current trends do you think might change or evolve by the year 2040? *Include a trend in each area listed below for each decade for the past 50 years. *Teaching strategies *Regulatory/accreditation issues *Educator Roles *Technology *Address the following along with your timeline: *How are these trends related? *How has each trend changed the nurse educator role in the classroom and outside of the classroom? *How will current nursing trends and projected future trends change the *nurse educator’s roles and responsibilities in classrooms of the future? *Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources, and a reference page. Format appropriate elements of the assignment according to APA guidelines.]]>

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