CPOE (Computerized Provider/Physician Order Entry ) impact on Primary healthcare Research Paper his is very critical work: PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO MISS ANY OF FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS please, all below references must be read carefully and then I need quality work output this means a literature review study about the CPOE and it is impact on healthcare sector. only below references are allowed to use in this literature review do not use any other references. please do not skip any of below , the subject: Computerized Provider/Physician Order Entry focus on the benefits of CPOE but include other angles about the subject systematic writing essential REFERENCES TO USE; Acceptability and feasibility of the Leapfrog computerized physician order entry evaluation tool for hospitals outside the United States. Perspect Health Inf Manag. 2015 Nov 1;12:1g. eCollection 2015. Physicians’ and Nurses’ Opinions about the Impact of a Computerized Provider Order Entry System on Their Workflow. Ayatollahi H1, Roozbehi M2, Haghani H3. Reviewing the impact of computerized provider order entry on clinical outcomes: The quality of systematic reviews. Weir CR, Staggers N, Laukert T. Computerized provider order entry reduces length of stay in a community hospital. Schreiber R1, Peters K2, Shaha SH3. The Impact of Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems on Inpatient Clinical Workflow: A Literature Review • Zahra Niazkhani, MD, MS, , • Habibollah Pirnejad, MD, MS, PhD, • Marc Berg, MD, MA, PhD, • Jos Aarts, PhD Computerized Provider Order Entry Adoption: Implications for Clinical Workflow • Emily M. Campbell • , Kenneth P. Guappone • , Dean F. Sittig • , Richard H. Dykstra • , Joan S. Ash J Drug Deliv. 2015;2015:686598. doi: 10.1155/2015/686598. Epub 2015 Nov 18. Impact of Computerized Order Entry to Pharmacy Interface on Order-Infusion Pump Discrepancies. Russell RA1, Triscari D1, Murkowski K1, Scanlon MC1. Can utilizing a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system prevent hospital medical errors and adverse drug events? Charles K1, Cannon M2, Hall R3, Coustasse A4. Cost-effectiveness of a computerized provider order entry system in improving medication safety ambulatory care. Forrester SH1, Hepp Z1, Roth JA2, Wirtz HS1, Devine EB3. Computerized provider order entry (CPOE): evidence on implementation challenges. McCartney P1. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2013;190:207-9. A case study on the impacts of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system on hospital clinical workflow. Mominah M1, Yunus F, Househ MS. Lessons learned from implementation of computerized provider order entry in 5 community hospitals: a qualitative study. Simon SR1, Keohane CA, Amato M, Coffey M, Cadet B, Zimlichman E, Bates DW. Effect of computerized prescriber order entry on pharmacy: experience of one health system. McMullen CK1, Macey TA2, Pope J2, Gugerty B2, Slot M2, Lundeen P2, Ash J2, Carlson N2. Computerized provider order entry and patient safety. Abramson EL, Kaushal R. this instruction is available in the attached file]]>

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