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Country Analysis: determine its potential opportunity for your client company (Health Net, Inc.) Custom Essay

Country Analysis: determine its potential opportunity for your client company (Health Net, Inc.) Custom Essay The goal is to examine each of the 2 countries (India & Bangladesh) to determine its potential opportunity for your client company (Health Net, Inc.), by assessing each country’s projected economic growth, areas of business risk and readiness for e-business. (See suggested data sources below). These external factors will be combined with company Strengths and Weaknesses to develop a SWOT analysis that will guide your strategic thinking about entry strategies. Strategy Project Assignment: Each individual team member will analyze the client company’s potential opportunity in two different countries, using macro-level business and economic indicators of POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, TECHNOLOGY, ENVIRONMENTAL AND LEGAL opportunity and risk and specifying trends that are likely to affect the country’s business and economic potential over the next 3-5 years. For each of the selected countries, compare: 1. Market Opportunity. For example, you may use Five Year Economic Forecast, including GDP and Personal Disposable Income (PDI) as indicators of ECONOMIC opportunity; 2. Country Risk (Threat) Factors (If you use a Risk Rating, specify the factors that constitute the risk); including political, economic, social, technological risks 3. Business Environment. (If you use an overall rating, specify the factors that constitute the business environment rating; e.g., are they POLIITICAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, TECNOLOGICAL, LEGAL indicators?) (Opportunity or Threat?) 4. e-Business Readiness Rating or a similar measure of ability to provide TECHNOLOGICAL support via electronic business communications. (Opportunity or Threat?) Read the rationale behind any ratings and dig deeper by reading EIU news stories and other sources about the political, economic, financial, business and regulatory environments in each country. Whenever you use a rating from a source, include a brief summary of the main country conditions that contribute to the ratings. Be sure you are comparing the same (Opportunity and Threat) factors for each of the countries. If you use different sources for a risk rating, for example, explain the difference in your comparison and give your assessment of how the countries compare on the underlying conditions that contribute to the different ratings. Use a summary table to present the data, but your analysis should be in text. Given the Opportunity factors and the Threat factors in the two countries, how will you weight those factors; e.g., consider: • What strategies might be required to mitigate the business risks? Is it more difficult or costly to mitigate one type of risk than another? • Independent of PDI, might buyers be more accessible in one country than another? Considering these trade-offs, explain the rationale for your assessment of relative opportunity and risk and conclude with a recommendation for one country as the better entry option. The paper should be 10 pages, double spaced, with a separate 1-2 page Executive Summary. Databases (Resources from Week One databases as well as the following): (BTI) Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) is a rich source for country reports https://www.bti-project.org/reports/country-reports/index.nc Search individual countries. ABI/Inform (in UMUC library https://www.umuc.edu/library/libresources/index.cfm#list): Select the ABI/Inform Complete database from the list. To get to country content from the ABI/INFORM Complete home page, click on the Browse link toward the top left-hand corner of the screen and then scroll down to the Country Reports section. You’ll then see links for: * EIU Country Data * EIU Country Finance & Forecast Reports * EIU ViewsWire * Oxford Analytica Daily Brief Service * Oxford Analytica Country Profiles * Oxford Economics by Country Industry Forecast * Oxford Economics Country Economic Forecast The ViewsWire link expands into several categories, which can be expanded into more sub-categories. (To find country risk ratings, for example, you can click on the ViewsWire link and then on Economy and then on Country risk rating and then on the link for the country/countries of interest. There are 128 documents for Brazil, for example, 126 for Russia, 128 for India, 128 for China, and 23 for the U.S.) Recommended Reading: Additional Sources if needed 1. Hunger, & Wheelen, 2011 Ch 5: Strategy formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy Required Reading and Multimedia: 2. Alden, D.L., Steenkamp, J.E.M., & Batra, R. (1999, January). Brand Positioning Through Advertising in Asia, North America, and Europe: The Role of Global Consumer Culture. Journal of Marketing, 63(1). (RR) 3. SWOT template: https://www.businessballs.com/free_SWOT_analysis_template.pdf 4. MBA Reference Guides (to be used for the remainder of the course) • PEST Analysis • Global Strategy • Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage • Foreign Market Entry Modes • Hofstede Cultural Dimensions of International Business • Three Levels of Culture • SWOT Analysis (from week 2) • Competitive Advantage (from week 2) 5. Multimedia: View Erica Olson’s video on SWOT analysis:]]>

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