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Core Competencies

Core Competencies Each advanced care provider role has specific core competencies specific to the specialization. Following are links to websites describing core competencies that are relevant to the South University College of Nursing and Public Health advanced practice role specializations: • Indirect Care Provider Roles: o Nurse Administrator o Nurse Informaticst o Nurse Educator • Direct Care Provider Roles: o NP (Adult, Gerontology, or Family Health) To prepare for this assignment, review all core competencies and then provide a response in a 4 page paper (excluding the title and reference page) your review of these competencies considering the following: • Compared and contrasted the core competencies of a direct care provider advanced role (Nurse Practitioners and indirect care provider advanced role. (Nurse administrator, informaticist or Nurse educator) PLEASE SELECT ABVANCED NURSE PRACTITIONERS AND ONE OF (NURSE ADMINISTRATOR, INFORMATICIST OR NURSE educator) • Analyze the similarities and differences in implementation of the competencies within the selected roles. URLs to assist you in preparing your assignment: • AACN for Nurse Informatics • Adult-Gerontology NP Competencies • AONE for Nurse Administrators/Executives • Family NP Competencies • NLN for Nurse Educators • NONFP-NP Core Competencies and Content • AANP Association for NPs Utilized and cited two of the websites listed above in correct APA format in the body of the paper Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using APA format. Please the 6 references from 2010 to 2015 please no more late 2010. please put conclusions to the end]]>

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