Contraceptions: Discussion Questions Be sure to address the following points in your initial response: • A female patient seeking contraception options needs to select a method that is best for her and her partner. What questions and/or discussions would be important for the nurse practitioner to ask the patient when counseling her about contraception methods? • Which oral contraceptive pill is better: estrogen-containing pills or progestin-only pills? Why? • What does the female patient seeking counseling about IUDs need to know? Are there any hazards or stigmas related to this type of contraception? If so, what are those and how would you educate the patient regarding them? • A nineteen-year-old female comes to the student health center at a public university and requests emergency contraception. What history do you collect on the patient? Do you give her emergency contraception? Why or why not? Please use scholarly article within last five years]]>

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