Comprehesive Financial Analysis Research Plan for DuPont Company Custom Essay Select a corporation that is a publicly traded, global company listed in the SEC and on the NYSE. Develop a comprehensive financial analysis plan that demonstrates best practices for the corporation chosen for the research study. Students will have public access to annual reports and financial data by conducting internet searches. Required Components: The following elements are to be analyzed and the results included in the final project document as identified: a) An environmental scan and risk analysis of the organization. b) A financial statement analysis of the organization utilizing ratios. c) A financial statement analysis of the organization utilizing free cash flow, market value added and economic value added. d) A calculation of the weighted average cost of capital e) Develop a cogent conclusion as to the financial health of the organization, with the idea recommending whether the company’s stock should be bought, sold, or a neutral position taken. Manuscript Style and Format: The page length of the comprehensive financial analysis plan should be 9 pages, not including the title page, appendix, or any figures and/or tables in the document body. Use double-line spacing throughout the paper. Use Times New Roman or Arial typeface with a 12-pt font and 1-inch page margins throughout the paper. Sequentially number each page at the top right corner with Arabic numerals. The manuscript style and/or format requirements must comply with current APA 6th edition form and style guidelines for reporting research. This means, in addition to the compliance with the style guidelines for headings, paragraphs, tables and figures, any content not originated by the student must be cited and referenced properly.]]>

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