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COMMUNITY SETTINGS FOR FAMILY HEALTH NURSES Overview The family nurse provides care within many facilities in a community. This is discussed on pages 570-576 of your text. They include nurse home visiting programs, community nursing centers, public health departments, and home education, and community education. 1) Discuss these facilities in your community as well as access to these resources. 2) For each resource be sure to include how families in the community benefit. Also discuss three ways in which a family health nurse may be useful in community resources. Use what you’ve learned about the role of a family health nurse and what he/she may use to help in community settings. Objectives • Examine family health nurse role in various community health settings. The essay formatting is to be done in this order with these designated titles. Introduction- Make sure the introduction sets the tone and includes what the paper will be about Nurse home visiting programs Community nursing centers Public health departments Home education Community education Family health nurse in the community Conclusion  ]]>

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