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Community Health Nursing “Concept Analysis Paper”

Community Health Nursing “Concept Analysis Paper” roject description Welcome to community health nursing! This course is an opportunity to take your nursing knowledge out of the hospital setting and apply it to the communities in which we live. The focus of community nursing is on health promotion and disease prevention. The goal is to keep our clients out of the hospital by maintaining function and independence resulting in satisfying and productive lives. If this course is your only opportunity to explore community health nursing, hopefully it will be a rich and rewarding experience. Throughout this course, you will investigate the needs of aggregates in your community, including promoting health, preventing illness, planning for natural and man-made disasters, addressing environmental health problems, and managing information and communication technology. The Healthy People 2020 objectives (http://www.healthypeople.gov/) will be further examined with respect to vulnerable populations in your community. The levels of prevention with an emphasis on health promotion will unfold throughout the course.evaluation strategy that will measure your intervention outcomes. American Nurses Association. (2013). Public health nursing: scope of standards and practice (2nd ed.).Silver Spring, MD. American Nurses Association Publishing. American Public Health Association, Public Health Nursing Section. (2013). The definition and practice of public health nursing: A statement of the public health nursing section. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association. Retrieved from http://www.apha.org//media/files/pdf/membergroups/nursingdefinition.ashx a.Community vitality b.Indicators of social and economic conditions c.Health resources d.Environmental conditions related to health e.Social functioning f.Attitude toward healthcare 3.Conclusion: Provide a summary of your findings. Describe significant community health problems based on your observations. The information gathered during the windshield survey should assist you to identify community health problems that will be further assessed in the next assignment. APA format (see APA category in Course Resources for help with formatting). The following are best practices in preparing this project. CriteriaA (92100%) (1820 points)Community identified but description is missing (1617 points)Community identification and description are insufficient (15 points)Community not identified or described (014 points)/20 Windshield Survey 100 pointsCommunity assessed: findings adequately cover the six criteria listed (92100 points)Assessment of 12 of the criteria is missing or inadequate (8491 points)Assessment of 34 of the criteria is missing or inadequate (7683 points)Windshield survey not completed or criteria not followed (075 points)/100 Conclusion 20 pointsConclusion sufficient and includes brief summary of windshield survey findings and identification of community health problems (1820 points)Conclusion lacks brief summary of findings or problem identification (1617 points)Conclusion lacks brief summary and problem identification (15 points)Conclusion not completed (014 points)/20 Mechanics 10 pointsNo more than two grammar or spelling errors; writes logically in complete sentences (10 points)Three errors of any type (89 points)Four errors of any type (67 points)More than four errors of any type (05 points)/10 Total Points:/150]]>

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