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Classroom Positive Behavior Support Plan

Classroom Positive Behavior Support Plan Develop a four to six page personal Classroom Positive Behavior Support Plan based on the following profile of your “hypothetical class”: •    Choose either 4th grade OR 8th grade. o    25 students, 90 minutes a day during reading/literacy time you have an Instructional Assistant, five students are English-language learners, you “co-teach” for three hours a day with the general education teacher Mrs. Smith during the reading/literacy time and also during math (it is a time period of three hours in a row, with a small recess break during that time) •    You have a group of students (three) who are on IEPs for other-health impairments and who exhibit attention-deficit behaviors. •    You also have a child with autism who is high functioning, but has sensory needs This paper should include: •    A statement of your personal philosophy of classroom management and discipline (with a supporting rationale). This can be a revised version from week 1. •    A brief statement on how you are a culturally competent educator and how your lens through which you view the world affects your classroom. •    A description of your proposed classroom rules, positive behavior supports, and consequences. •    A description of how you plan to incorporate the instruction of social skills and appropriate classroom behavior within the required content areas in such a way that equitably meets the needs of all the students in your class. •    A description of how you can teach and re-teach these classroom rules. •    A proposed outline that you can use to discuss how you address behavior in your classroom with educational assistants, staff, and parents. •    A description of how you will maintain high standards for all students with disabilities in your class.]]>

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