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Chronic renal failure in the elderly

Chronic renal failure in the elderly explore the role of the registered nurse in delivering care to an older person with chronic renal failure in Australia) This is an advanced Geriatric Nursing essay •Introduction succinctly identifies the relevance, scope and focus of the paper •Body well structured, with coherent and logical development of key ideas in appropriate sections or paragraphs •Effective use of sub headings •Conclusion appropriate to type and format of response •Demonstrated an excellent understanding of links between the necessary concepts •Demonstrated clear and consistent evidence of critical appraisal of source material •Evidence of synthesis of information and logical development of arguments •Literature used effectively to support key ideas •Each reference is relevant, peer-reviewed journal articles and strict credible (must can be checked, please Do Not even try to make it up the reference list) to the topic •References’ sources must be within past 5 years (from 2011- 2016) The body must include with effective sub headings, words are appropriately weighted for each topic. 1.A definition and brief pathophysiology of the Chronic renal failure in the elderly 2.Relate the physical symptoms to the pathophysiology 3.Nursing care/management and best practice guidelines for the Chronic renal failure in the elderly 4.Promotion of independence and well-being for older people with Chronic renal failure 5.Consider the psychosocial implications for the older person and significant others 6.Ethical and legal issues involved  ]]>

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