Chronic Diseases

Assignment Requirements
A 3000 word essay or “review article” on ONE of the following respiratory-related
conditions (ie select only one topic for your essay).
– Asthma
– Chronic airways disease
– Obstructive sleep apnoea
The essay or article should be structured to include information on the following areas:
General Background/Introduction: May contain relevant information on;
– Historical context
– Epidemiology/prevalence
– Aetiology/whole body context
Pathophysiology and pathology: May include;
– Description of the normal function/importance of the relevant system/s
– Pathophysiology/pathology and mechanisms responsible
– Key respiratory-related manifestations/clinical characteristics
– Critical review of a respiratory-related component that interests you
Pre-hospital/Medical Management: May include details on;
– Diagnosis
– Historical development of therapeutics/medical treatments
– Current management practices/therapies – benefits and limitations
– Development of new therapies/areas of need
– Future perspectives related to prediction, prevention and management of the
Summary and Conclusions:
– Concise summary of key points/issues discussed
– Relate points/issues to the overall context of the disease (ie refer back to the “big
– No development of new issues/ideas or repetition of information – conclusions can
be made but these should be supported by the information provided in the body of
the essay (ie you can refer to it, but don’t repeat the detail)

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