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Case Scenario Joan

Case Scenario Joan oan is a 62yr old whose husband, Peter (64), has just had a stroke (cerebrovascular accident) which has left him with moderate right sided weakness. He has no other deficits, but is now unable to continue his work as a plumber. Joan wants to rehabilitate Peter at home and requires some education about his condition and mobility assistance he may require. 1. Educate the patient and carer in the basic pathophysiology of the condition. 2. Outline other specific education for the client’s illness, including risk factors and preventative health measures to enhance the wellness of the family unit. 3. In your answer consider the physical adjustments, psychological support and other key services that could be utilised to assist them. Answer the questions using the assessment criteria. Assessment criteria Ability to link theory to practice and appropriate nursing assessment to provided and priorities identified. Provides a detailed discussion of appropriate pathophysiology of the condition. Provides and in depth understanding of physical adjustment, psychological support and identifies the rational of utilising the multi-disciplinary health team. Provides an in depth understanding of the impact on family unit and identifies appropriate interventions. Utilise effective communication skills, spelling, grammar, expression, editing. APA referencing and in text citation protocols. Reference list.]]>

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