Big Data and The Evolution of Healthcare: The subject area is truly Health Informatics which is Health Information Sciences applied to healthcare. Google HIT. I am looking for a writer who will use limited quotes, especially quotes that are longer than 40 words. It is okay to use it once but not more than that. Also, I will like the writer to provide me with rough drafts every six hours for the next two days. The Paper must include a 250 word abstract that summarizes the purpose and findings of research paper Important: My topic cannot change and I had to submit 15 references in PDF format that MUST be used. I will provide them to writer. Organization of the Paper MUST follow below: •Introduction, in which you describe the problem and identify very clearly how your efforts seek to solve it. •A section containing a literature review, which provides information essential for your reader to understand the problem and your analysis. Liberally cite other experts’ work in this section. •One or more sections of approach and findings, which detail the approach you took to solve the problem, implement the solution, or explore a research area, along with the rigorously substantiated results of your effort. •A concluding summary section, which summarizes your findings and outlines possible future directions. •Appendices, if any, which provide items such as source code or configuration instructions that you believe should be separate from the main sections of the paper. (Not included in the word count.) •References, which lists the documents you cited in the order in which you cited them. (Not included in the word count.)]]>

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