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Assumptive assignment

Assumptive assignment An essay providing a written account of delivering edidence based care in collaboration with an individual patient. |You should explicitly discuss the edidence base for the intervations planned/used with patient. You should also give consideration to how far it’s possible to use this evidence in collaboration with a patient (use an acute ward/setting). The essay should include a brief introduction which clearly states your aims for the essay and identifies maintenance of confidetiality and consent. A description of an assessment of a patient’s problems utilizing the stress vulnerability mode. An individualized stress vulnerability chart should be constructed for the patient and included as an appendix. Brief consideration should be given to the theory underpinning this model and the evidence supporting it. Discussion of a negotiated approach to working on one problem identified in your assessment which would be a suitable target for one of the interventions that you have learnt on the course: Motivational interviewing, problem solving, coping strategy, enhancement, relapse prevention. Here you need to identify and discuss either how collaboration with this patient was achieved or ways in which it was compromised. The rationale for your selected intervention should be stated as well as a discussion of the evidence base for it. You should carry out the clinical exercise detailed below which is relevant to the intervention you have selected. You should then give a reflective account of carrying out this clinical exercise using a structured reflective model such as Gibbs. Include a brief identiication of planned reviewed and evaluation of care involving the patient. A conclusion which summarizes your experience of integrating collaborative and evidence based care and your reflections on this. Additional: you are being asked to integrate theory and practise in this essay. In clinical practice, this may not be straightforward: either collaboration is not achieved or it is not possible to implement an evidence based intervention. In your essay you must discuss and reflect on these issues. Guidelines for clinical exercises: Application of a stress vulnerability model. Clinical Task: Carry out an interview with a patient from your current caseload, or alternatively with the patient’s carer if the patient’s mental state prevents the patient from participating willingly and meaningfully in the assessment. Using the information obtained from the interview, together with relevant information drawn from other reliable sources such as medical and nursing notes, construct an individualized stress vulnerability chart for the patient using the format set out in the lecture notes. Required documentation. A single copy of the completed stress vulnerability chart must be included as an appendix in the essay. Formulation, care planning and problem solving Clinical Task: Identify a patient from your current caseload. Carry out the problem solving process with the patient using one of the approaches from the lecture to identify their main concerns, develop a description of a target problem, identify relevant strengths and resources available to assist the problem solving process, identify a range of solutions and agree on the best soluton, agree how to implement the agreed solution and set relevant SMART goals, agree on when and how to monitor progress. Provide a written summary of the process in the appendices. Motivational interviewing. Clinical Task: Working collaboratively with a patient from clinical setting or with their caregiver: identify a specific behaviour or situation that may be adversely affecting the patient’s mental or physical health, discuss the good and not so good aspect of the behaviour or situatd the benefits and costs of change. Required documentation: Produce a written summary of the process that includes a clear brief description of , the unhelpful health related behaviuor or situation, the good and not so good aspects of the current situation or behaviour as reported by the patient and what the patient see’s as the cost and benefits of change. Include this in the appendices. Choose any of the above evidence based intervatio]]>

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