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Assessing patient with cardiocascular accident usingRopLogand Tierey

Assessing patient with cardiocascular accident usingRopLogand Tierey Project description Scenario Mr Addi is a fifty-eight year old bank manager admitted to your ward for assessment following a left sided cerebro-vascular accident (Stroke), accompanied by his wife who is very distressed as Mr Addi is the sole bread winner in the family and the couple have two teenage children. Mr Addi has a right sided weakness and complains that he is unable to see through his right eye and seems unable to swallow and his speech appears slurred. Mr Addi is a smoker and is currently on medication for high blood pressure. His wife describes him as a workaholic and the family has not had a holiday in the past two years. Instructions. ? Choose an appropriate nursing model (Roper, Logan and Tierney Nursing Model) ? Indicate how you would respect and maintain confidentiality for your patient in this assignment as if it was a real life situation (NMC,2008) Introduction ? Give a brief rationale of your chosen Scenario ? Provide a brief rationale of your choice of nursing model and state the three problems your care plan will address ? Ensure confidentiality Problems addressed are • Communicating • Breathing • Personal cleansing ? Provide an overview of the nursing model utilised in the care planning for this patient ? Adopting a problem solving approach, devise a care plan for each of the three problems identified Assessment: Carry out an assessment of your patient using the models assessment framework and any other tools adopting a holistic approach Identification: identify and describe the nature of the three problems your patient has. Provide problem statements according to the nursing process. Problems identified; • Communicating • Breathing • Personal cleansing Goal Statements: Write goal statements for each problem following PRODUCT criteria Short terms are easy to measure. Nursing intervention / Implementation ? Describe and justify the range of interventions you have for each of the problems ? Show how your interventions were informed by your chosen adult nursing model ? Use literature evidence to justify and support your nursing actions In your intervention you should demonstrate how the care planning process facilitated practice to met the following clause of the NMC Code (2008) in respect to the following ? Dignity ? Respect ? Partnership Evaluation You should describe the strategies selected for evaluation and briefly siscuss the outcome for your patient. Link this to your patient goal statement Conclusion and Reflection Write a brief summary of your assignment Provide a comprehensive reflection of personal learning linked to your future practice as an adult nurse Reference List Provide a reference list for all reference cited in the essay; following the Harvard style of referencing within the text and on the list. No bibliography required]]>

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