Article review

Select a journal article on the subject of supplements and write a 500–700-word review of the article. The media (newspapers, magazine articles, television news programs, and Web-based information sources) provide us with much of what we know about human biology. After taking a course on human biology, you might be interested in taking advantage of these resources for additional learning. Journal articles on a special topic are particularly informative, because they often go into depth and are a good source of current information, which you can use to continue learning or reviewing biology as a lifelong practice. Journal articles are a good source of information about current advances in a particular area of human biology, and they also highlight possible future advances in the treatment of certain conditions. Show Less Yet, with so much information available in the media, it is important to understand how to evaluate the credibility of these sources. We have all seen questionable statistics presented in the media, or information that appeared to be biased, misleading, or even inaccurate. How can we be sure we are taking in information that is objective, thorough, and accurate? Although we may not be experts, we can do our best to be informed and critical evaluators of information.
What are the main points presented in the article? What message is the author trying to convey? What are the specific areas of research and findings that the article highlights? How could the supplements discussed in the article affect cells and body systems? How are supplements used in different areas of athletics? Why are supplements currently unregulated? Based on your readings, do you think supplements should undergo more stringent testing? If so, how would this be monitored and paid for? Where in your life (or in the life of a friend or family member) is it important that supplements are tested? Note: Your answer to this question does not need to apply only to athletics. Crosscheck the information in your article with other sources. What do other sources say about the same concepts presented in the article? Are there discrepancies between the information from the article and from other sources?
Would you consider this article to be a credible source of information on this topic? Why or why not?

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