Argentina currency crisis Custom Essay The total assignment should be approximately 4 – 6 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, 12 font, not including the title page and bibliography.My topic “Argentina currency crisis” will need more Macro background. Task: ?1?Describe the current policy or topic that you have chosen and how it has been implemented in your country(ies)/region. It may be helpful to have a brief historical overview to provide the motivation for adopting this policy, but it may not be necessary. If you are discussing trade agreements or other organizations, provide a brief overview of the functions of the specific organizations, and goals of the organizations and trade agreements. (approx. 5 marks) ?2?If you are discussing a crisis, you should discuss the main cause(s) of the crisis and try to relate that cause to policies implemented. (approximately 6 marks) ?3?You should be discussing at least 3 economic development variables.You will need 2 evidence of this success or lack of success so you should be providing economic statistics as evidence. You may wish to discuss variables such as GDP growth rates, poverty rates, employment statistics, exchange rates, environmental statistics, trade statistics, health statistics (for environmental issues), debt, poverty/inequality, etc. You should be discussing stats that are relevant for your specific topic. Not all these examples of stats would be relevant and others may be more relevant. These statistics must NOT be estimated statistics but must be actual credible statistics.If you are discussing a crisis you will discuss the main effects that this crisis had on the domestic economy and maybe the international economy, if applicable. (approximately 8 marks) (4)If you are discussing one of the crises that have already occurred, you should be concluding regarding the most important causes and effects of the crisis, lessons learned, etc. (approximately 3- 4 marks) (5)If you are discussing a crisis, provide a policy recommendation for how to avoid a similar crisis in the future. (approximately 3-4 marks) (6)Include a bibliography listing where you obtained your country statistics and any other relevant information. You should also be footnoting or using in-text citation for all the facts that you are stating in your assignment. (3 marks) Sources: Your statistics should be from official sources, such as the World Bank (especially the World Bank Development Report or country studies), the OECD, the IMF, the CIA Factbook, The EconomistIntelligence Unit (EIU), the UN Development Report or official government sources. I would highly recommend going to the government publications area in Weldon Library for assistance. Be careful when searching on the web that you are using credible sources, such as the above.]]>

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