Aloe Vera : wound burn healing Custom Essay I would like about 2200 words essay, which, represent a monograph for medicinal plant “aloe vera”. The following point needs to be covered in the monograph 1- Popular history 2- Biological characteristic and identification 3- The active chemical constituent 4- pre clinical / pharmacology(mechanism of action) 5- Evidence for efficacy 6- Safety (side effect, toxicity , contraindication ) 7- Short abstract need to be included 8- Conclusion “brief” Very important notes: 1-I have uploaded a file with name “aloe” it contains some information I copy paste from different sources so you can have full pictures and you can take from these information to paraphrase it. Each part is with its citation number. See the reference to match the number . Also, I uploaded some useful article that you can use 2-This monograph focus on aloe vera (barbadensis spp) but you mention in 1 line other available species. 3- the main use of this plant that this monograph focus on is the (topical) in term of wound and burn healing. So preclinical and pharmacology should and efficacy must focus on this use. However, other use must be mentioned just briefly 4- this essay is directed to the expert general public, so with general interest in science but not experts in pharmacy. Please use easy to understand scientific academic language and avoid complicated one. I am an international student..please aviod sophisticated language. 5- I want 0 % plagiarism. I also hope you can form nice topic for the eesay Thank you very much for you time.]]>

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