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When, where and how did AIDS emerge? Custom Essay

When, where and how did AIDS emerge? Custom Essay AIDS Answer each question with answer, also cite any others referents. 1.When, where and how did AIDS emerge? 2.Briefly explain the replication of the virus and why it is a problem. 3.Name at least 5 populations that have the highest incidence of AIDS in the USA? 4.What countries have the highest incidence of AIDS worldwide? What are the barriers that these populations face? 5.How and why has the mortality rate of AIDS changed? 6.Name 2 controversial interventions which could greatly impact the spread of HIV/AIDS and discuss what makes them so controversial. 7.Why is AIDS considered the most political disease of our time? Name 2 specific examples of this. 8.Name 2 examples of some missed opportunities of specific world leaders. 9.Name 2 specific ways that nurses can contribute to the reduction of this disease…in orther words, what is the “added value of the PHN in prevention of HIV/AIDS? 10.What is the current status of AIDS? 11.What did you learn from this video that was new or surprised you? Did it change your attitude about people with AIDS and AIDS prevention? 12.What are your thoughts about the Frontline video? Would you recommend it to others? https://elearning.salemstate.edu/courses/1075360/modules/items/9820699 https://elearning.salemstate.edu/courses/1075360/modules/items/9820700 https://elearning.salemstate.edu/courses/1075360/modules/items/9820700 https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/view/]]>

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